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About Drop Edge of Yonder Freelance

I love my work as a freelancer.  I’ve found in my professional career that I grow bored and burn out quickly because I tend to throw myself whole-heartedly at my work.  That wasn’t healthy for me because I was always physically and/or emotionally drained.  What I love about freelancing is that I’m constantly working on new and exciting projects, allowing me to explore and use my creativity without falling down the proverbial rabbit hole.

The type of work I  provide is quite diverse.  I’m thankful I’ve been able to experience a variety of educational and professional pursuits over the last 15 years that have opened up worlds I’d likely never have considered.

Freelance Services Overview

  • I complete and submit the majority of my work online using the Internet and email.
  • I typically communicate with clients via Skype, email and mobile phone.
  • I have extensive experience with data entry and processing and am adept at multiple computer programs.
  • I type 103 words per minute with 97% accuracy and ten-key 12,000 kph with 94% accuracy.
  • Because of my experience as a professional journalist in the newsroom, I am accustomed to meeting tight deadlines.
  • I pride myself on providing both a quick turnaround and quality material.

Virtual Assistant

I provide professional administrative, creative and technical assistance to clients from a dedicated home office.  Most of my VA clients are small businesses owners who don’t have the space, finances or need for a full-time clerical assistant.  My past VA clients have used the following services:

  • Website writer, editor, and submitter
  • eNewsletter designer, writer, and editor
  • Email and phone communication with customers and other clients
  • Document writer, editor and submitter
  • Social networking/updating


Because of my background in professional journalism and as a certified English teacher, I possess a strong command of written language. I’m also adept at writing in several different styles and can adapt the voice or tone of a piece to appeal to the target audience.  I specialize in article writing of several different types, including SEO work.  I’m also skilled at writing assignments requiring a more conversational tone.  The following is a partial listing of assignments for which former and current clients have used my services:

  • Travel articles
  • “How To” dating articles
  • Education articles
  • Social networking articles
  • Religion and spirituality articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Foreign language articles
  • eBooks (45,000-60,000 words)
  • Academic essays and papers of varying lengths and styles on multiple topics


My background in professional journalism has afforded me a particular skill at editing and proofreading.  I’m especially adept at maintaining the original voice of the piece while bringing a piece of writing up to professional standards regarding grammar, usage and mechanics. Most of my work comes from clients who need an experienced editor familiar with AP style. The following is a partial listing of assignments for which former and current clients have used my editing/proofreading services:

  • Print magazine copy editor (Arkansas Living)
  • eBooks
  • Websites and website copy
  • Instructional books


My rates vary depending on the skill needed, scope and length of a project. I typically charge by the hour for virtual assistant and editing work. For editing work I charge a minimum of $10 USD per hour for coherent texts written by native English speakers. This rate is generally non-negotiable because I guarantee a turn-around time of 24 hours or fewer.

You can learn more about my rates here.


I prefer to be paid via PayPal and expect payment within 72 hours of issuing an invoice; further, Tuesday is my standard invoicing date. If you are uncomfortable using PayPal or prefer to use a system that documents the length of time spent on a project (particularly for those that are at an hourly rate), I am available via oDesk.  (See below.)  Please contact me directly for other payment options such as personal or business checks.

Contact Information

Email: bradicroberts [at] gmail [dot] com

oDesk: Bradi R.: Freelance From the Drop Edge of Yonder

LinkedIn: Bradi Roberts

Skype: bradi.roberts

Mobile Phone: 501.259.9511

Google Chat and Google Talk: bradicroberts@gmail.com/Bradi Roberts

References available upon request.

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