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Perfect Moment Monday: The Write Stuff

My Perfect Moment Monday for this week actually came on a Monday. (Note: that’s probably the only time this will ever happen.)

Today I started a creative writing course. If you’re reading this as a potential client, you’re probably freaking out and wondering, “How can she bill herself as a writer and editor if she thinks she needs to take a writing course?” Fear not: I have a perfectly legitimate explanation.

The key word there is “creative.” I’m fantastic at technical, journalistic and academic writing. And if you give me a topic, I can usually do “creative writing” pretty well, too. But I absolutely stink at coming up with ideas on my own. My hope is that this course will help me grow more comfortable with that style of writing and help me generate new and original ideas. We’ll see how it goes!

Beginning Jan. 03, 2011, I commit to participating weekly in Perfect Moment Monday, sponsored by Write Mind, Open Heart, in which I will reflect on and share a perfect moment from the previous week. You can join in, too!



  Lori Lavender Luz wrote @

Oh, I’m so glad you’re in, and that I’ll be coming here for your unique perspective and creativity!

I think one of the marks of a great writer is that they notice things. So what perfect moment mondays do for me is make me more alert to the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.

Love the look and feel of your space here!

  DropEdge wrote @

Thanks, Lori! I’ve been helping Karen Kleinwort post hers for a year, and I decided my New Year’s Resolution was to blog a minimum of three times a week. Committing myself to the PMM ensures I’ll post at least once weekly and forces me to acknowledge my gratitude for good things.

  Chris Bird wrote @

Agree with Lori, this is a fabulous site!

You’ve planted a seed in my brain… loved creative writing in college, maybe it’s time for a refresher!

Enjoy your endeavor! No doubt it will be a great springboard for your blogging goal!

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